Why does my site look like Apple.com?

I found myself being drawn to a few sites around the internet when gathering inspiration for my website.  One of these was Apple’s sleek and modern looking site Apple.com. I have a deep respect for them as a design company because they make amazingly cool looking products that portray a sense of minimalism that is rivaled by no one.  It is from this respect and as a challenge to myself, that I attempted to create a WordPress theme for my site based on the Apple website.  Does this mean that I tried to copy them exactly?  No.  More or less I tried to gather my favorite elements from throughout their site, improve upon them, then mash them together into a design that would work for me as a portfolio and blog.  Any of you that may have experience in web design know that you can’t just copy and paste code from a site and expect it to look the same.  From the nuances of site and file organization, the intricacies of well written code, and the attention to detail in recreating graphical elements, I found myself learning an amazing amount from this project.  I really hope while you are looking around my site you take note of all the similarities, find amusement in my unique twists, and most of all, see how much love and care was put in to making this site a great experience for you and I alike.  Thanks very much for stopping by!