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TolTest, one of the Midwest’s largest federal contracting firms, needed a modern looking website to portray the company’s highly professional attitude. The site contains specific project information (via PlanRoom), company news, videos and pictures of projects, and also current job openings.

  • Designed to match the aesthetic of the company logo.
  • Custom admin section to easily update content.
  • News feeds and built in PlanRoom.
  • Job openings integrated with Taleo.
Homepage and planroom login. News page (available in RSS).Video player.Job openings (integrated with Taleo).
Project tab view.TolTest ProjectZone Logo

TolTest ProjectZone

TolTest ProjectZone is a web application for managing project details, tracking prior expenses, calculating estimated costs, and communicating information between various departments. ProjectZone revolutionized the way TolTest’s Project Management and Accounting departments worked.

  • Interface created using the EXT JavaScript Framework
  • User customizable interface, including various themes.
  • Dynamic 3d graphs, sortable data grids, and live searching.
  • “Spreadsheet style” formula calculations for easy data entry.
Project tab view. ProjectZone - Another image coming soon.ProjectZone - Another image coming soon.ProjectZone - Another image coming soon.
Application selection page.TotalHR Logo


The HR department of TolTest wanted to switch all of their paperwork into an electronic format. We built a web application that allowed all the forms for new hires, open enrollments, and general benefit maintenance to be done online. This information is sent to a server where HR can print any of the documents as they need.

  • Allows HR to collect information without paper forms.
  • Users can change benefit information at their convenience.
  • Alerts HR when a user makes changes to benefits.
  • Server stores a user’s files in a compressed zip file.
Application selection page. Personal information.Editing benefits in vision.TotalHR - Another image coming soon.
Account creation page.TolTest Vendor PlanRoom Logo

TolTest Vendor PlanRoom

The TolTest vendor PlanRoom is a web application that we developed in house to sell to smaller engineering firms. Its easy to use interface lets subcontractors look at project details, obtain contact information, and even download project documents and blueprints.

  • Themed to match company colors. (Beau Mitchell Corp. in this case)
  • Easily search and filter a huge database of projects.
  • Accounts track what projects subcontractors are interested in.
  • Projects can be marked private, only visible to code holders.
Login page. Account creation page.PlanRoom selection list.Specific project view.